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  • what is the escape artist?

    The Escape Artist is Singapore’s first Real Life Room Escape Operator since April 2013.

    The game is simple: You are trapped in a room. At your disposal - the friends you came with, your wits as well as special abilities to be unlocked in times of inherent danger.

    From the first generation of simple escape rooms, we have evolved into other aspects of entertainment such as mass escape events, awareness campaigns and we've even built a mobile escape room app!

  • who can play the game

    Anyone, really!

    The games available at both outlets come with varying levels of difficulty to cater to a wide spectrum of players - from the newbies to the professionals.

  • what's different among the outlets?

    We currently have 2 outlets - Harbourfront and Enchanted Manor @ Joo Chiat.

    Our Harbourfront outlet is a showcase of traditional Room Escape - 60minutes, 1 mission. Escape!

    The Enchanted Manor is designed to be an entertainment hub where our creative team gets to explore new ideas and concepts. We also have an event space which allows us to host larger groups compared to Harbourfront.

  • What are the difficulty, lighting, fear factor & physicality for?

    Difficulty - Purely refers to the difficulty level of the puzzles. 
    We understand that this is very subjective sometimes, and we track the success rate of each room internally and will tweak the game if necessary to achieve the desired difficulty level. However, do bear in mind we have some of the toughest rooms in town. After all, what is success if it comes easily? 

    Lighting - This refers to how well the room is lit. Lighting enhances the overall ambience of the experience, much in the same way a haunted house would not be as scary it if were brightly lit. 

    Fear Factor - Related to lighting in most cases, fear factor ratings refer exclusively to the set up and props in the room. Not to worry though, no one will jump out and scare you in the room! 

    Physicality - Some rooms have some degree of crawling/climbing involved. No ninja-warrior skills required.

  • What if I have more than your recommended room capacity?

    In that case, it would be best to split the entire group into smaller teams and play different rooms. 
    Just give our shops a call and our friendly staff would be able to advise you further.

    UPDATE: Due to the COVID regulations, all our games can currently only accommodate a maximum of 5 persons. No exceptions - we don't want to get shut down. Thanks for understanding :)

  • What if I can't fulfill the minimum number of players? Will I be forced to join another team?

    The minimum number of players stated on our website is just a guideline. If you still wish to attempt the room, just go ahead and book for the minimum number, and we will charge based on the actual turnout. 
    Just bear it mind that it will definitely be tougher! And no, we do not merge teams here at The Escape Artist. 
    Imagine making a reservation for 2 at your favourite restaurant, and arriving only to find out that you have to share the table with another party of 6. How silly is that kind of a policy?

  • Do you organize corporate events?

    Sure we do! Head over to Corporate for more information.

  • What are your modes of payment?

    Payment methods for Public: Cash/Paynow
    For Corporate: Cash/Paynow/Cheque/Direct Transfer/E-invoice/Gebiz

  • What is the cancellation policy if I can't make it?

    Here at The Escape Artist, we operate on a culture of goodwill.

    So in the event you can't make it for a reservation, just kindly give us a call or drop an email to inform us so that we can release the slot. 
    We would appreciate if you could inform us as early as possible because cancelled booking are very costly to small businesses like us :(

  • What is the hero system?

    UPDATE: As of 2020, the Hero System is available for corporate bookings by request only.

    The Hero System is a new concept introduced by The Escape Artist that allows you customize your escape experience. Is time more crucial, or will you sacrifice that for more hints along the way? The choice is entirely yours!

    There are a total of 7 standard characters and abilities across both outlets, as well as one unique character and ability per room - this brings us to 8 abilities at your full disposal to unravel the mystery of the game you are playing in.

    These abilities will grant you extra time to the gameplay, or allow you a sneak peek at what is important in the room that will allow you to escape with hardly any distractions. Some abilities require you to make sacrifices in order to get prime hints while others simply grant you functional tools, like a flashlight.

    With the Hero System in place, no one will feel left out ever again. Every individual will be important in the room escape setting and this bolsters teamwork as well as personal confidence.