Awareness campaigns, product launches, venue rebranding, learning journeys... what do all these have in common? The same old tired formulas of traditional information dissemination.

What if you could pass on that information in a unique manner that doesn’t come across as a lecture?

Using our expertise in crafting customized game experiences, we are able to use gaming as a vehicle to impart information.

Awareness campaign? We will craft a customized game for you that encourages participants to engage with the subject matter and in the process, gain awareness.

Product launch? What better way to introduce a new product/service to the market then by reaching out to your customers and engaging them on a personal level, making them your brand ambassadors in the process?

Venue rebranding? Relaunch your venue with a bang! Our games can be designed to encompass the entire venue, including places of interest and little know spots that the average person might miss out on. The buzz that accompanies all our events will ensure your location is well known by the end of the event.

Learning journeys? Studies have shown that people learn best from experience, so partner with us to craft a unique, holistic learning journey for your staff/students and they will retain the information better than ever!

The possibilities are endless!

The Escape Artist is the leading game operator for customized game events. Our entire team is born and bred in Singapore and we are always up for a challenge. So if you have an idea, get in touch with us. We’d like to hear from you!

Past Event Videos


Past Events

The Escape Artist | The Great Escape @ ACM 3500pax
The Great Escape @ ACM 3500pax
The Escape Artist | The 4 Horsemen of Doom
The 4 Horsemen of Doom
The Escape Artist | Proposal @ Telok Blangah
Proposal @ Telok Blangah
The Escape Artist | Proposal @ Prinsep
Proposal @ Prinsep
The Escape Artist | NTU wedding proposal
NTU wedding proposal
The Escape Artist | NLB Oct 2015 1000pax
NLB Oct 2015 1000pax
The Escape Artist | ADAC 2016 2000pax
ADAC 2016 2000pax
The Escape Artist | SAFRA MF
The Escape Artist | SAFRA Halloween
SAFRA Halloween