You are one of a group of research volunteers for The Centre for Human Reproduction. Upon arrival, you were brought into their laboratory; only to be subdued and injected with a serum that knocked you out immediately.

When you awake, you find yourself amongst the many other participants, in an eerie, dimly lit hall. A voice rang out through the PA system and to your horror, you realise you have to now fight for your survival - the serum that you have been injected with accelerates apoptosis (programmed cell death), causing you to age faster than normal.

The antidote is available, only if you are willing to pay the price...

- An absorbing, brand new mass escape game format

- Unlock new venues to explore as you progress

- Our popular character system, on a MUCH bigger scale

- Really, REALLY awesome goodie bag that includes complimentary movie passes (1st 800 registrants only!)


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The Most Exciting Room Escape Scenarios in Singapore!

At The Escape Artist, we take pride in being pioneers and breakers of new ground, being the first to bring the fun and excitement of real-life escape room games in Singapore. Today, we are one of - if not the best - operators of escape room games in the market, and we incorporate distinctive themes and plots into our puzzles to offer a truly immersive experience like no other.

Gone are the days when you can call out for help if you find yourself delving deeper and deeper into no return, or when you are completely stuck in a puzzle or two. The notion of room escape is now different, and you are left entirely to your own resources...which has greatly expanded.

The Escape Artist introduces the new Hero System, which makes real-life escape room games even bolder and real. It is not just an escape room game, but one infused with elements of roleplaying as well. With 7 standard abilities and 1 unique ability per room to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice! Choose the abilities you think will best fit into the gameplay, that will garner you the best chance of escaping at the fastest time possible.

Between our two outlets based in Prinsep Street and Harbourfront, The Escape Artist offers eight different scenarios split between the two locations, with more on the way to provide a whole new experience. Each of these scenarios are tailored to offer an experience best suited to your preferences, whether you’d prefer to rack your brains on challenging puzzles or stretch your brawn with a bit of crawling or climbing, within the spooky surroundings of a dim room or the bright surroundings of a grand adventure; you will find yourself drawn into our immersive setting bit by bit.

The Escape Artist is consistently feted in customer reviews for operating some of the best room escape games in Singapore. Given the positive reviews provided by our customers, our escape scenarios are the perfect recreational activity for team-building and promoting camaraderie, or simply blowing off steam and having some fun with your friends and family!

Take up the challenge for yourself! Contact us at The Escape Artist, and book yourself an appointment with one of our escape room scenarios today!