It Has Arrived!
Paradox of Time: Subversion is now open!

Following the events of Paradox of Time, you return from the past only to realise that nothing has changed! The devastating effects of the Paradox Project still persists...

Once again, you head back into the past.. Will you save the world this time?

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What Our Clients Say About Us

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"I would like to say a big “Thank you” for the two wonderful games we played at The Escape Artist on 25th September. My friends and I had a hard time cracking our heads over the clues but we enjoyed every moment of it. It is certainly one of the most challenging and mind boggling type of entertainment we experienced so far! We especially appreciate your analysis given at the end of the first game too as it was a great help in improving our second game. Many of us are already planning to go back there again!"


“A great fun-filled ESCAPE. A fantastic platform to nurture teambuilding with lots of communication and laughter. We will definitely be recommending TEA to family and friends!”

Wave, Johnson & Johnson

“We had our teambuilding event at The Escape Artist and it was a refreshing experience from the previous events we have had. This really helped with our teamwork as we had to work together to solve the clues to get out of the room. The games were also fun and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. The staff were also pretty friendly and gave us precise instructions before the games.”

Estelle, TYCO Fire, Security & Services Pte Ltd

“I approached The Escape Artist because of the variety of games they offer and the friendliness of their staffs. I had personally tried few of their games before introducing it for my company’s cohesion. Despite the short notice on my side for my cohesion, they are still able to reply promptly and assist me with the needs and wants for the event. I really appreciate the efforts from The Escape Artist. My company found the experience from them a very memorable one. I would recommend to people who want brain action with cohesiveness with friends to try out The Escape Artist.”


“The setup of the venue from scratch was very innovative and adequately ‘scary’ and ‘horrifying’ according to the theme we have chosen. It definitely left a deep impression on most of the participants. The programming was well thought through, which also saw ample ‘ghosts’ (staff) roaming around, essentially to make available help to participants and also to add to the atmosphere of the game. Overall, it was a great activity as the volunteers had to work together as a team in order to solve the challenging puzzles. This definitely set a very positive tone as we embark on an extraordinary journey with our volunteers. We highly recommend this for team building events, for participants of all ages and walks of life!”

Victory Ceremonies Team, Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee